The SFFA is a non-profit, community-based organization created to support foster parents as caregivers.

Saskatchewan Foster Families Association exists to support and encourage foster families through education and advocacy, helping create healthy homes, positive environments, and brighter futures for children and youth in care across the province.

Support for Success

The right support can make all the difference to foster families. Education, advocacy, and a place to turn for advice can help foster parents provide the support and healthy homes that foster children need. Training programs for foster parents and children can help foster families develop a deeper understanding of each other and the process, manage stress, and build effective relationships. We even offer CPR courses to help ensure that children stay safe.

Educating the Community

SFFA works to raise awareness in the community about the role of foster homes and the needs of children and youth in care. We promote the need for foster parents through interviews with the media, advertisements and posters in health care offices throughout the province. Our goal is to encourage families to open their homes to children and youth who need care, provide healthy environments and, ultimately, make our world a better place.

Guiding Families and Children Through the Process

The foster care system can be challenging for foster parents to navigate without support. We’re here to guide parents through various processes, including Ministry of Social Services investigations. In addition, we explain policy and provide resources to help foster parents and children with any questions that might come up during their time together.

Within our ranks are an Executive Director, a Caregiver Training Consultant, a Community Liaison, a Program and Financial Administrator, and Foster Family Advocates. This team of caring professionals operates as a network of support for foster families.

The SFFA Board of Directors has seven elected positions from all areas of the province. The board sets the direction for the SFFA through policies and procedures, and advocates for foster families during negotiations with the Ministry of Social Services.

There are more than a dozen Leadership Committees in Saskatchewan that hold meetings and social gatherings for SFFA members. These meetings are a great opportunity for foster parents to connect, share, and discuss matters of mutual concern. We encourage you to get involved with your local committee.

About the Saskatchewan Foster Families Association